Outline of our Company/Message from CEO


Carrier Integration Inc. is a venture company established from AIST (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology), with purpose of providing a satisfaction and trust to the customers and contributing to the growth of semiconductor industrials and worldwide activities through the realization of wafer integration technology.  We have been certified as an "AIST technology transferred venture" on July 15, 2011.



As a first contribution, we had commercialized Silicon Carrier (SC) which can be used for a reserch and development, and started to accept an order from February of 2011.


We think this product can give a solution to the problems of new semiconductor wafers like power transistor "small diameter compared with silicon wafer, expensive and brittle, easy to warp". 



The purpose of establishment of our company:

 1. To contribute to the worldwide semiconductor industrials through the wafer integration technology

 2. To lead the world by developing and substantiating the next-generation wafer integration technology

 3. To realize the advanced measurement and testing technology on the wafer integration technology

 4. To disseminate the wafer integration technology to the world