Company's Policy

■Management Principle   

    We will provide the satisfaction and trust to the customers through the semiconductor

    wafer integration technology, and lead society to be kind for people and the earth.


■Code of Conduct

 1. Customer-first
       We will provide the product and service which society really wants with 

       appropriate cost and appropriate timing by original developing technology.

  2. Technology development and quick commercialization of product

       We discuss with various reserch institutions widely and promote the speedy

       development by "open innovation", and contribute to society. 

 3. Respect of the creativity and individuality of company members

       We take priority to create employment environments that enable each employees

       to contribute to company with showing thier creativity and originality, than

       unnecessary enlargement of company scale or profit.

       We respect human rights, potential and personalities of employees with various

       race, philosophy, gender and religion. 

  4. Contribution to society as a corporate citizen

       We will strengthen the management base from a long-term and global view and

       continue to fulfill our responsibility to stakeholder, and promote the cooperation

       with each local society and contribute to society as a corporate citizen.

 5. Cooperation with international society

       As a company opened to the world, we respect the culture and custom of each

       country, and promote the company activity cooperatively with international society

       by comlying with the international agreements.