Products information & How to order.

Silicon Carrier (SC) is a silicon wafer adaptor (3 to 12 inch) with cavity and holding arm in order to hold smaller diameter  wafers. Our products can work  for various size of wafers and/or chips as the New BridgeTool to make these materials  processed with the existing manufacturing equipments.  We have following line-up for each semiconductor process equipment.


■  List of products 

  1. Universal Silicon Carrier for exposure

  2. Silicon Carrier for Ion Implantation

  3. Silicon Carrier for Etching and Deposition

  4. Silicon Carrier for Anneal


■  Delivery time:  2 weeks (after delivery specification confirmation)


■  Unit price (depends on the spec. and amount): from $5000 (8 inch) / from $6500 (12 inch)


■  Customization:  Special products other than standard SC is possible.

                               Please feel free to ask us any questions. Inquiry


■  How to order:

  Please down load the below Application form , fill out  and send us.

   (1) Size of Silicon carrier (5, 6 and 8 inch, SEMI standard)

   (2) Cavity size - Z axis

   (3) Cavity size - X and Y axis (1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 inch diameter / square / others)

   (4) Other parameters

  We will send the Preliminary Specification (Drawing, Delivery Specification, Testing

     Specification and Packing Specification) and price estimate.

     After confirmation on these documents, we will start the manufacturing.


◆Application form for your requirement of Silicon Carrier

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